Tamye Riggs

Adrian FrutigerVirgin Roman detail

Monotype Imaging Designer Showcase

Monotype Imaging, a giant font distributor providing quality typographic sales and services, asked me to design a portfolio site that could live within their larger corporate site. I interviewed a dozen top designers who work with MTI, and curated their typefaces and samples of their types in use. I wrote bios for each designer that would lend insight into their lives and passions as well as their work, and created specimens to showcase a sampling of their types.

The structure of the showcase had to be simple and static, as it needed to fit within the existing corporate site. The client dictated the use of their corporate typeface, Gill Sans, for captions, headings, etc., and their corporate colors. I developed a simple layout that could easily be plugged into their existing framework. The company’s IT staff implemented live type showings/listings to complement the static type specimens, bios, and other material.