Tamye Riggs

CIA Type SpecimenSir Sheep Type SpecimenBorgstrand Type SpecimenFF Dingbests Type SpecimenFF Xcreen Type SpecimenPoor Richard Type Specimen

Type Specimens for “Freefonts!” Book

Type in use illustrations for Freefonts!: Designer Fonts Online, a book by Tamye Riggs, Kathleen Ziegler, and Nick Greco, published by Watson-Guptill Publications (October 2002).

Image 1: Specimen for C.I.A., a typeface designed by Thomas Schostok (Essen, Germany), and published by Cape Arcona and GarageFonts.

Image 2: Specimen for Sir Sheep, a typeface designed by Raymond Brekelmans (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), and published by Fontoville.

Image 3: Specimen for Borgstrand, a typeface designed by Martin Fredrikson/Core (Gothenburg, Sweden), and published by Fountain.

Image 4: Specimen for FF Dingbests, a typeface designed by Johannes Erler and Olaf Stein (Hamburg, Germany), and published by Fontshop.

Image 5: Specimen for FF Xcreen, a typeface designed by Kai Vermehr (Vancouver, British Columbia), and published by Fontshop.

Image 6: Specimen for Poor Richard, a typeface based on the Keystone Type Foundry design (c. 1919) and published by Phil’s Fonts.